I fell in love with encaustic the first time I dipped my brush into molten wax, and from that moment on it became my primary medium. My technique is uncommon, since I use only pigmented wax and resin, as opposed to many contemporary "mixed media" encaustic painters. As a result I am able to create very distinctive abstract paintings.

Working with encaustic is an intense, difficult process that requires my complete presence as I balance my intention with the random power of the wax. Because I work horizontally (gravity and molten wax are not friends) and the wax dries quickly, I don't have the luxury of stepping back to view my progress, as most artists do. Instead, as I apply the melted wax I must remain completely in the moment, making immediate and instinctive decisions and often discovering something unexpected and exciting along the way. I heat and cool the wax, bringing it from a molten to solid state and use a brush and heat source, such as a heat gun, to move the wax. It is a magical and mysterious process.

I may use up to 20 transparent or opaque layers of color, usually incorporating iridescence, so that light seems to emanate from within the painting. Depending on the colors and technique, the final result may look not only like encaustic but also like metal, enamel, glass, or ceramic.

My inspiration comes from the visual world. My mind continually takes photographic stills of images I find interesting: color and light, forms and patterns, positive and negative space. I find that I am partial to images both from nature and from the material world. These include water, stones, astronomical images, cellular structures, shadows, high fashion photographs, and a TV or movie image, which I abstract. These organic and inorganic images all capture my attention and inspire my paintings.

When viewers engage with my work they make an emotional connection with the paintings, seeing images inspired by their own imaginations. They look at my abstract forms and give names and create stories about what they see, and infuse my paintings with their own personal meanings. This is my intent - to create beautiful images that connect with the viewer in a way that will bring them pleasure.
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